Multi-room Audio / Visual

Smart Audio

Creating an experience in your home can be done in many ways, but the most effective way is through sound. We at iSmart Control provide innovative solutions on how you can enhance the sound around your homes. When helping design the perfect room or home we will concentrate on the smallest details and options for you.

From home theatres to outdoor speakers, the possibility of enhances your sound systems around your home are endless. We use only premium products to ensure our customers are provided with the best.

Home Theatre

Depending on your design and preferences we can help install home theatre speakers wether it be in in-ceiling, in wall or in room.


Our premium sounders can be custom designed to match the colour of your wall and to match the same width as your television.

Multi-Room Audio

Be in control of all the speakers in your home no matter what room they are in, from inside to outside, your preference is what matters.

Outdoor Speakers

Install quality outdoor speakers in discreet areas around your home as well as installing wall-mounted speakers.

Smart Visuals

Access all your content with a click of a button from any room in your home with multi-room smart video. Multi-room allows you to easily stream movies or stations in multiple rooms in the house at the same time. This smart option is outstanding for entertaining.

Creating an amazing cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home is a whole new level of luxury. We use only the highest quality visual and audio products to ensure you have a room like no other in your home.


Be able to stream music or video to any other rooms in the house at the same time.

Quick Access

Providing you with quick and easy access to your favourite shows, music stations & much more.

Catch -Up

Busy rushing around? Record your favourite show, streaming services, playlists, lighting scenes etc. 


Providing you with only the highest quality products for your project as you sit back and relax.