In a modern home, each room has its own purpose. The living room can be used for entertaining and the kitchen is the hub of all homes, each room requires their own lighting. Lutron allows you to be in control of lighting in your home, it means you are free to create beautiful rooms no matter what time of day it is and what type of activity you have planned.

Schedule your homes exterior lights to turn on or off during different times of the day. Battery powered Pico remotes help you control automations from any room of your home, these Pico remotes can be placed on table tops, used as hand held devices or they can be mounted on a wall without any wiring needing to be done.

Lutron home control allows you to control lighting, window shades, home audios and much more, the technology used to build these interfaces are very high end ensuring you are investing in the very best in the home automation market.

Palladiom Bespoke Metals

Inspired by the interior design of your home and installed with modern technology. Palladiom controls have the power of light to create the perfect scene for your home or room with a single push of a button. Heavy and crisp, with perfect edges and corners, you can choose from 20 standard finished as well as hundreds of custom finishes.

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